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About Us

The Washington County School District Foundation supports the students of Washington County by providing the resources required for a quality education that are not provided through traditional funding sources. The expertise of the Board and their contacts will:

  • Promote the Foundation within the community
  • Respond to the needs of the students of Washington County
  • Orchestrate the efforts of the Foundation
  • Validate the Foundation’s existence by adhering to the standards of a 501(c)(3)
  • Inform educators of the value of working with the Foundation
  • Direct other fundraising efforts in support of the students
  • Educate potential donors to the benefits of giving through the Foundation


Foundation Video

30 Sec Promo
Kite Festival
Foundation Department
121 West Tabernacle
Saint George, Utah 84770
T: (435) 673-3553
F: (435) 652-4720
Foundation Director
Steven Dunham
(435) 986-5212
Foundation Secretary
Diane Tyler
(435) 673-3553 # 5151

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